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Amanda Bell

Salon Owner


Hairdressing is a passion, not a job.

I grew up with hair pins, rollers and the smell of perm solution wafting through my bedroom. My dad was a hairdresser and we lived in the flat above the salon, I was enticed and excited by this glamorous and creative profession, I knew this was where I wanted to be and that one day my dream would come true.


At the age of 21 I bought my first salon 'Mad Hatters' in Heaton Moor.

It was then that I realized that its not glamorous! In fact its hard graft, sore hands, aching feet, long hours and a logistical nightmare trying to manage creative staffs tantrums and the books!

3 children later I decided a break was well overdue...I hung up my scissors and did what busy mums do..............went and got a degree!


Once that was ticked of my to do list I decided I needed a project.

I opened THE HAIR LOUNGE in Heaton Chapel with a friend and business partner.

4 years down the line and life changed for both of us, I had gotten divorced and she went on to have another child. Between us we decided that I would buy her out and try flying solo!

This was a huge decision and a great risk but i felt it was a challenge worth taking.

The salon grew from strength to strength, I loved building up a team of passionate and creative individuals.

The problem was we had such rapid growth that we out grew the salon.

Regularly running out of chairs and having to turn business away.


Until this point I hadn't considered re-locating nor had I budgeted for the cost involved.

When I saw that 15 Little Underbank (the old Konrads salon) had become vacant I was gutted. 1) I hadn't long since re-signed my lease and 2) it was out of my price range.


However I just couldn't let it go, so I prayed for some divine intervention and started chipping away at the problems.

To my surprise all the doors that seemed firmly locked were opened and the prospect of moving in became not only a possibility but a reality!


The salon opened on the 1st October 2015, it is simply stunning and unique. With my very eclectic vision of industrial glamour as the theme.

A salon full of character and fun.


An impeccable service, where we put you and your needs first, never selling you services or products you don't need.


We are not trophy hunters, we are service providers and I hope that when you come in you will feel the difference.

The salon has a real friendly family feel, this is partly due to me having my 3 amazing daughters working along side me

My mothering instinct  means that I pretty much adopt the rest of the staff, they are my extended family


I would like to thank everyone that has supported me throughout the years, especially those that have always believed in me even when I have had my own doubts.


My incredible family, friends, team and clients alike thank you for all your support.


Now are you ready for the next leg of the journey....



Amanda Bell xxx





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