Some things you need to know...

We want you to get the most out of your visit

We do not make any money from the Groupon voucher, it is merely a form of modern advertising.

In order for Groupon to promote us we have to offer services at a massive 70% off! Groupon then take 50% off all purchases, so your voucher doesn't even cover the cost of products and staff wages.

You might ask so why do we offer these vouchers?

Well the idea is that we will win you over with our skills and service and that hopefully you will want to come back once you realise how lovely the salon is, how relaxing the atmosphere is and of course how high the standard of work is. So you see it is in our interest to look after you and your hair care needs.

  • If you have bought a colour voucher you will need to come for a patch test before we will reserve your appointment, there are no exceptions to this rule

  • We often have a 2-3 week waiting list 

  • ​All over colour voucher is only valid for the same depth or darker 1 all over colour​

  • You can not go lighter with an all over colour, this would be a colour correction and the groupon voucher doesn't cover this service

  • Long hair surcharges will be applied even on a wash/cut - the voucher is for a standard wash/cut and not a long haired cut/finish, on our price list this is listed as a different service and has a higher cost due to the time involved hence there WILL be a surcharge

  • Groupon voucher is for first time clients ONLY! if you have been to us before even at our previous address in Heaton Chapel you Will NOT be allowed to use the voucher

  • If someone buys you a voucher as a gift you will NOT be able to use it if you have been to us before, it is STRICTLY for first time clients ONLY!!

  • If you have dark hair and have bought a highlight voucher you will need a consultation as it may not be suitable for you

  • The highlight voucher may incur the additional cost of a toner and long hair

  • If you refuse the additional costs of a toner we will refuse to do your hair as we are not prepared to do sub standard work 

  • The highlight voucher does not include BALAYAGE  this is a bespoke colouring service the highlight voucher is for a standard highlight service

  • If you want Balayage you will need a consultation to discuss the additional work and charges, charges could range from £20 - £80 depending on the work involved

  • If you want additional services you will be charged the full list price

  • You may upgrade your service by adding hair supporter at an additional service charge

  • We have a strict 48 hour cancelation

  • If you do not turn up for your appointment you will loose the right to use the voucher and you will not be able to book a future appointment unless you pay up front

  • Please do leave a minimum of 3 hours for your colour appointment

  • We do our best to keep to timings however sometimes things take longer than predicted

  • The best place to park is the main multi storey car park easiest entry is on Petersgate as you can pay as you leave and on a debit card

We hope that this information help's you get the most from your appointment, if you have any queries please do book in for a consultation

We look forward to seeing you

and hopefully you will find your new go to salon

Much love from all of Team Dry xxx

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