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UPDATED 24/03/2022

Before your first colour service with us you must have a skin test min 48 hours before your appointment

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy!

If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice - you will be charged 100% of your booked appointment

If you fail to pay we will mark this as a debt on your account and you wont be able to book any future appointments until the debt is cleared

Do NOT bring ANYONE with you!!

Following government advise on minimizing the risk of spreading COVID -19  we can not allow people to sit and wait for you


Equally pre & post covid-19 we simply haven't the room for friends and family to wait

We operate a child free policy in order to create a relaxing atmosphere for all

During this time we will not be providing drinks so please bring refreshments with you (no hot food)

Try not to wear high neck's or clothing with collars or hoods as they tend to get in the way, it also increases the chances of getting hai


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