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The F Word!

So for those of you that don't know me, I'm Amanda Bell, Salon Owner and single mum of 3 very beautiful girls. My girls are my life! they are kind, funny and just amazing souls. The older 2 work full time here at Dry and the youngest works on the weekends and holidays.

On the outside looking in it would seem as though I have a very perfect life, I have it all together, all my ducks in a row, after all I have a fantastic busy beautiful salon and my own home, I am it would seem successful.

The truth is ....I don't have it all together

I often cry myself to sleep with the worry and stress of how I will get through another day

I have to pay the bills, the tax. the vat, the staffs wages before I get paid! I don't have another wage coming in and I don't have a partner that can hug me and reassure me that everything is going to be ok

I go to bed at night with my insecurities, my doubts and my feelings of being a failure.

Why am I exposing myself like this?

I feel like we live in a warped, fake, social media world where everyone pretends that their life is perfect!

It's just not true!

Social media is filled with filtered pictures and fake happiness, it's so easy to look at the post and feel inadequate, after all I'm not that thin, not that curvy, I don't have that perfect relationship, my hair never looks like that etc etc ...

But the truth is, most of these images are just not the real truth!

I use the F Word a lot! in every other sentence I say I'm FINE!

How are you? I'm FINE!

How's business? FINE!

The truth is I'm not FINE! and its okay not to be okay