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I've exposed myself!

Wow! Thank you all for your support and warm messages for my last blog!

To be completely honest I pressed send before I had time to re-read or even think about the content and the impact that would have!

I am so glad that I exposed myself in this way, as it would seem my words resonated with so many

As you are probably now aware now, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I act on my emotions and listen to my heart and the voice within rather than dwell on the facts and figures, I believe in miracles and that dreams do come true as long as you believe!

my motto is Think, Believe, Receive!!

I have always had this outlook on life, even before I became a Christian, it's just in my make-up

The problem with believing in miracles is that I tend to reach for the stars, push harder and expect results!

This often leads to disappointments, self doubt and insecurities, it also means I have a roller coaster of a life that has as much laughter and joy as tears, tears of sadness, stress as well as uncontrollable happy gonna wet myself tears!

Life is never dull but it's probably a ride most would find uncomfortable, but I love it! every low means there is a new high just around the corner!


Dry was birthed through a dream! I had no money, no backing, I was tied into an existing business lease and things were tickety boo!

When I was a young girl I walked past 15 Little Underbank and peered in with awe at the then Konrads salon, I said to myself... "If I ever have a salon .. I want one like that!"

Be careful what you wish for! haha

So when I realised this building was vacant I couldn't help but dream!

Ever had that feeling.... it's meant to be?

This was how I felt!

So against all odds I pushed forward , asked questions and believed that this dream would become a reality

2 years in and I still can't believe this dream is a reality!

It sometimes feels more like a nightmare than a dream, as without initial planning and money saved nor borrowed every step has been difficult

But my faith gets me through

The last few months I have questioned my own capabilities and leadership, I feel like a fraud!

So many compliment me on my success! Surly success = money in the bank?

If so then I'm a failure as all I have currently is debt!

However if success = love, happiness, support and laughter? well then I have it in abundance!

I may be single but I am never lonely, I may be skint and in debt.... but I have immeasurable riches!

I would like to thank all that support me, my family and my dreams! I hope that my sharing helps you in some way....even if its just a reassurance that life is never perfect and that we all have our worries and doubts

Everything is relevant! just because your problems seem small to others, doesn't mean they are not mountains for you!

I hope that this blog creates a safe space for you to express your hopes and dreams or even your worries and woes

I am blessed to be connected with you

Much love and support

Your crazy, bonkers hairdresser

Can we please share a thought and a prayer for anyone suffering, especially those caught up in the hurricanes in Florida and the Caribbean #inourprayers

Amanda Bell xxx